Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Freedom Sign

Hi everyone! I hope February is going well for all of you. I have a few things I wanted to blog regarding politics and society in general, but for now, I want to share with you a great site I found today. We've all seen the popular "peace sign" that was made so prevalent in the 60's. But check out "The Freedom Sign" ...

"The Freedom Sign" counters the peace sign--it stands for the "God-given right" of freedom endowed to all humankind, personal responsibility, and "success or failure based on one's own merits."

Says The Freedom Sign's website, there is no true peace without freedom: "Peace in and of itself is wonderful, but when it comes at the expense of freedom; it becomes at best submission and at worst, imprisonment."

Check out their website at It's a beautifully designed website with a clear distinction between the peace sign and the freedom sign, and what freedom really is and what it requires to allow for peace. Check it out and "like" The Freedom Sign's page on Facebook! I think I'll have to get one of their bumper stickers for my car... :)

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