Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thoughts on OWS!

I should be doing homework but I just can't help but comment on the most talked about recent headline in our country. Affectionately known by some as the "Flea" Party, I'm talking about the whole Occupy Wall Street movement. (Is it really a movement? Perhaps "ordeal" would be a better word..."movement" would imply the existence of coherent goals and/or values, something lacking with OWS).

Regardless of what started this whole movement, let's look at what it has turned in to. Diseases in their camps, assaults, arrests, violence against fellow protestors and police officers, a fatal shooting, and defecation in the streets (not kidding about that last one, either... ) are just a few of the methods these folks use to get their point across. These guys are everything the left-wingers claimed the Tea Party Movement to be (can anyone give me a number of arrests of Tea Party protestors? Oh right, there were none!) When I watch interviews with these OWS protestors (the ones that aren't stoned or drunk, and those that are) and see their "artful" cardboard signs they strike me as either odd, disturbing, or just plain funny... here are a few...


I could rant on every one of the signs on the site posted above, but I won't. But notice the disturbing Biblical reference on the second sign. "We are legion, and we are many." Anyone know where that comes from? Mark 5:1-20, which you can find at this link. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark+5%3A1-20&version=NIV I implore you to read it and see what kind of ideas are floating around these "tent cities". I'm not sure what kind of education all of the OWS protestors have, but since when does referencing demons in relation to yourself and your cause serve as an effective method of communication of legitimate ideas (assuming you have legitimate, coherent ideas)?

What is being achieved here, besides proving to the world who the degenerates of American society are? How are these protests actually helping the downtrodden and destitute in this country? All I see from these protests are people angry with those Americans who "have" more than they do. There are a handful of wealthy people who have reached their level of wealth/stature by dishonest means, and that IS wrong. But there also exists a number of wealthy people who have reached their level of financial success through their own merit and hard work. The concept of earning what you work for is NOT wrong. This country was NOT founded upon the principle of entitlement, nor was it built to last under that doctrine of giving freebies to those who don't work for them.

If the whole Occupy Wall Street "movement" is a battle between the "haves" and the "have nots" I can tell the protestors that the best way to remain a "have not" is to sit in a park waving a cardboard sign. (Let us not forget that these two terms--haves and have nots--represent an undesirable concept in itself, and are subjective. And an American's definition of "have not" is much less deprived than that of any other third world country on this Earth). Get up and make a difference in someone else's life, and don't expect someone else to provide for you--be it the people around you or the government itself. Stop "occupying" and start LIVING!

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